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INSIDE: Reflections

In Honor of Margaret Hill

May 31, 2024 by Leoma G Gilley
Gone Home

After the suffering here,
You issue the invitation to there.
How do You welcome Your children home?
Is there a gentle tug?
Is there tea in a mug?
Do you hold her in Your arms so snug?

Quiet my soul, O God

Apr 11, 2024 by Leoma G Gilley
Quiet my soul, O God.
My world is in chaos and noise--
sounds of war, cries of anguish,
hungry children, grieving widows,
broken men and women.
Quiet my soul, O God.

Quiet my soul

Mar 01, 2024 by Leoma G Gilley

The words in Isaiah 30:15 caught my attention a few days ago. It says, "in quietness and confidence is your strength." I don't know about you, but I feel very weak at times, especially when I'm busy. Maybe that's the price I pay for being an introvert. I've been praying for different situations in the world, and I quickly become overwhelmed. These words challenged me, and maybe the poem that came to me will help you if you feel similarly challenged.

Quiet my soul, O God.
My world is in chaos and noise
with sounds of war, cries of anguish,
hungry children, grieving widows,
broken men and women.
Quiet my soul, O God.

Lent begins next Wednesday

Feb 09, 2024 by Leoma G Gilley

February 14 is Valentine's Day. It seems strange that the season of Lent should start on the same day, but that's how it works this year. In case you didn't know, Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and continues for 40 days or six weeks. Sundays don't count as part of the Lenten season because Sunday celebrates the Resurrection! Traditionally, Christians fast from something during this time. I first fasted from chocolate. That was difficult, but it kept me focused on the season I was in. One year, God seemed to want me to play once a week. I failed miserably at that. A few years ago, I wrote a prayer of confession based on Scripture each day. Those prayers can be found in Prayers of Confession for Lent. Each Sunday has a prayer of praise or thanksgiving.

Why worry about bridges you may never cross?

Jan 05, 2024 by Leoma G Gilley

January 2, I saw my eye doctor and complained that I couldn't see well. My cataracts were interfering. As an author, I look at a computer screen a lot, but when the words I've just written look more like Chinese characters than English words, there is a problem! He didn't think they were much worse than they have been for the last two years, but I told him that from behind the eyes, there was definitely a difference! It seems he has a lull in his schedule, and so can fit me in on January 17. 

Reflection on Hebrews 4:12-16

Dec 07, 2023 by Leoma G Gilley

Naked and Exposed


We are naked and exposed

Before a holy God

Who knows our inner thoughts, desires;

Nothing hidden, all things bare.

He will hold us to account.


How can we endure

Such a probing accuracy?

We have hidden, secreted, justified,

Pretended now to no avail. We’re undone –

Guilty on all counts.

Approaching Death

Nov 17, 2023 by Leoma G Gilley

I've lost three friends since August and another close friend is battling Stage 4 cancer. As I grieve these losses, these words came to me.

When God says your work is done,
then it is time for Him to call you home.
We may not think it's time to come,
But when God says your work is done, it's done.


How we probably live Psalm 23

Nov 10, 2023 by Leoma G Gilley

What we say and what we do often are not the same. The words of Psalm 23 bless many: The LORD is my shepherd. I have everything that I need. But as I've looked at my life and the lives of those around me, it looks very different. In reality, it probably goes more like this: The LORD is my backup plan in case I have an emergency. What are we cheating ourselves out of? God wants to be our Shepherd, our Coach! But we leave him on the sidelines until we've messed up so badly, we have to call God to help us out.

Fully Present

Nov 03, 2023 by Leoma G Gilley

Sometimes I’m here,

But also trying to be there.

Therefore, I am nowhere.


To be here in this moment,

I must be fully present –

Taking in the sights and sounds

Listening with ears and heart and mind.


If I’m also trying to be there,

I miss the value and joy of here

And feel frustrated and anxious about there.


Don’t let me miss my best life

By trying to be both

Here and there.


Help me be in the present with all my being –

Enjoying the moment to the full

Before moving to the next.


Then I shall know I have truly lived.

Finding what to say

Oct 21, 2023 by Leoma G Gilley

For those who know me, Finding what to say may sound like a strange title. I almost always have something to say. But faced with what to say on a podcast or radio show left me speechless. What do I have to share that is unique? I know there must be something after all these years, but what is it? Also, the content needs to be evergreen (appropriate at any time). I attended a Podcast webinar on Thursday, and one of the speakers, Juliet Hahn, said something profound, at least for me. She said, meditate about your life. Go for a walk, take a shower, do whatever inspires you. Think what message I have that is unique and worth talking about.

Appreciate someone now

Oct 12, 2023 by Leoma G Gilley

I have a close friend who has stage 4 cancer. There is a slim possibility that chemotherapy will extend her life for a year or two. But she isn't yet up to having chemotherapy. She needs to build up her strength and eat! So, we wait to see what the outcome will be. My friend has had a huge influence on my life for 40 years! I am the person I am today because of her. So, what can I do today to encourage her? She has many friends and colleagues, and one of them suggested we all remind her of how she made a difference in our lives. So, we are sending messages to her while she can read them and remember. Why wait until someone has died before we say all those nice things? They can't hear them then. Our words don't encourage them at that point. So, if you care about someone, tell them today. Don't wait. We never know when our time on earth will come to an end. 

When does passion become obsession?

Oct 06, 2023 by Leoma G Gilley

I recently read Learning Love by Mark Hicks. His fifth component of Love is Passion. He has some wise words like "Passion is not the icing on the cake. It is fuel in the car." (p144) or in other words, "Passion is the energy that propels love." (151) When we have the opportunity to work in an area about which we are passionate, work is not drudgery, it's a blessing. Sometimes I think, I would do this even if I didn't get paid! 

For those with a calling to accomplish something, passion is necessary to keep going in the face of challenges and setbacks. But there is a danger lurking here when "passion" becomes an "obsession".

Greeting the Unexpected

Sep 22, 2023 by Leoma G Gilley

Have you ever had your week nicely planned, ready to go, and then something happens and it all falls apart? That happened to me this week. I was expecting to enjoy a week-long retreat in North Carolina with my Brigit sisters. We planned this months ago. I bought all the ingredients for the food I planned to prepare for a meal. I bought the food necessary for a Sunday School picnic on Saturday before going to the retreat. Then I got an email...

At Home

Jan 24, 2023 by Leoma G Gilley

At Home

by Leoma Gilley


John 15: 9 Remain intimately at home in my love. (The Message)


Visitors are met at the door.

Residents just come and go.

Visitors may be invited in.

Residents know they belong.

Visitors are told where they can go.

Residents enjoy the run of the house.

Where is your HOPE?

Nov 15, 2022 by Leoma G Gilley

Psalm 42:11 says, "I will put my hope in God!" 
In reflecting on these words, I decided to put the emphasis in different places. Here's what I discovered.

I will put my hope in God. This is a choice that I have to make. No one can do it for me.
I WILL put my hope in God. This is a decision that I must actively pursue. It won't just happen.
I will PUT my hope in God I will turn loose of my fears and worries, and give them to the One who loves me best.

Ramadan begins on April 2, 2022

Mar 07, 2022 by Leoma G Gilley
Are you aware that during the month of Ramadan Muslims are seeking to hear from God? Yes, they are also obeying one of the 5 pillars of Islam. Having lived in a predominantly Muslim country for many years, I wanted to find a way to pray for my Muslim friends during this season. Prayers of Faith and Hope was written to help guide us in this endeavor. Join me this season to pray for Muslims around the world.

Reflection for Psalm 31:21

Jan 31, 2022 by Leoma G Gilley

Praise the LORD, for he has shown me the wonders of his unfailing love. (Psalm 31:21 NLT)


When I was young, I knew about your love.

As I faced various disasters and challenges, I felt your love.

As I moved into new and varied cultures, made mistakes, burned out, I learned of your unfailing love.

As I wait on you, listen for your voice, hear you call my name, I begin to behold the wonder of your unfailing love.

A task unfinished

Jan 24, 2022 by Leoma G Gilley

I have a task and there’s a deadline

Don’t know what the deadline is—

Just that there is one.


Happy Birthday, Mom

Happy Birthday, Mom
Dec 24, 2021 by Leoma G Gilley

On this 24th day of December 2021, my precious mother, Frances Mable Christabel Tripp Gilley, would be 103. She left us 10 years ago, and it is hard to believe that much time has passed. I still miss her.

Advent 1

Dec 06, 2021 by Leoma G Gilley

I have a Lover who waits for me;

Offers me love and blessings for free.

He promised any good gift, you see

If I accepted his ransom for me.