Greeting the Unexpected

Sep 22, 2023 by Leoma G Gilley, in INSIDE: Reflections

Have you ever had your week nicely planned, ready to go, and then something happens and it all falls apart? That happened to me this week. I was expecting to enjoy a week-long retreat in North Carolina with my Brigit sisters. We planned this months ago. I bought all the ingredients for the food I planned to prepare for a meal. I bought the food necessary for a Sunday School picnic on Saturday before going to the retreat. Then I got an email...

A close friend, whom I've known since the 1980s, has been in the hospital for four weeks. What's more, they found cancer, and it has spread. She is not yet strong enough to start treatment for the cancer. She may not ever be. She lives on another continent. What should I do? I can pray, and I've certainly done a lot of that. But should I go?

She has walked me through so many challenges, mental health, physical ailments. How can I stay here while she suffers? So, I'm dropping everything, totally changing my plans, and flying to see her. Yes, it will cost me money and time, but what is that in the face of her pain? She is like a sister to me, and as an only child, that means a lot. Maybe she will recover, maybe she won't, but I'll not miss this opportunity to walk with her through this time. That's what friends do.