Approaching Death

Nov 17, 2023 by Leoma G Gilley, in INSIDE: Reflections
When God says your work is done,
then it is time for Him to call you home.
We may not think it's time to come,
But when God says your work is done, it's done.

The plans you have, the untied ends
will be work for others to begin.
We must let go
even if it is a blow to our ego.

Life will continue, the work will flow
for God has planned our lives just so.
Our faith, our influence, our example shows
God's work in us, how it o'erflows.

O Savior, when our work is done,
help us make the transition from
pain and sadness and breath,
through the portal known as death.

There we enjoy your peace and rest
Let's not be sad to leave our tasks
for you'll gift others to hold them fast.
The world will continue to struggle and strive,
Our passing makes room for others to rise and thrive.

Until all your work has come to pass
and we all enjoy eternal rest,
Then shall we find our life anew
In heavenly realms, we'll be with you.

© Leoma Gilley