At Home

Jan 24, 2023 by Leoma G Gilley, in INSIDE: Reflections

At Home

by Leoma Gilley


John 15: 9 Remain intimately at home in my love. (The Message)


Visitors are met at the door.

Residents just come and go.

Visitors may be invited in.

Residents know they belong.

Visitors are told where they can go.

Residents enjoy the run of the house.

Visitors must request or be served.

Residents help themselves, as is their right.

Visitors don’t know the routine.

Residents are comfortable with the structure.

Visitors leave and scarcely leave a trace.

Residents leave and a hold is left behind.


Visitors are not welcome to criticize.

Residents give and take critique.

Visitors share who they are.

Residents must learn to live together in harmony,

and respect each other.


So, Jesus, You’ve called me to be a resident in your house of love.

As such, You promise to do whatever it takes to make me better,

even cutting away what is dead or dying.

You offer me life: strength, resources, power from the true source.

You promise to listen to me and act.

As I live in intimacy with You,

We both experience joy.