Tis the Season

We are barreling into the holiday season. Much of the "stuff" we want is still sitting in containers on ships in the ocean waiting to get to port. Maybe this is a good time to BUY LOCAL. 

It is also the season for craft fairs, that present us with a great opportunity to BUY LOCAL. Recently I've attended several of these shows as a vendor. I sell my books, and it is fascinating to watch how people respond to a table filled with physical books. They either look the other way and keep at a safe distance or light up and rush over to look. 

In the distant past, I used to bring home beadwork from Sudan to try to sell. Often, while attending a business meeting, I would "set up shop" outside the main hall or even in the dining room. I made no announcement, had no display announcing my sale, I just put my things on a table and watched. As people entered the building heading for the meeting room, many would walk straight in and never see me. But a good number, those I call "shoppers", immediately sensed there was something for sale. They came to my table as if by radar. Invariably these "shoppers" would find all kinds of things they wanted to buy, and I would go home with fewer items and more money to take to the creators of these items.
No, I don't do this anymore.

Either you like to shop or you don't! I think it might be genetic, something about inbuilt shoppers' radar or something..

And so it was with my book sales this past weekend. Some people love books and find it an extra reward that the author is there to sign the book. There's not waiting to see if it will arrive. You carry it away in a nice Authors' Guild bag, ready to wrap for your favorite holiday. Sometimes, I take my books around to vendors that have a product I would like and we trade. So, don't miss out on the fun this holiday season!