Advent 1

Dec 06, 2021 by Leoma G Gilley, in INSIDE: Reflections

I have a Lover who waits for me;


Offers me love and blessings for free.


He promised any good gift, you see


If I accepted his ransom for me.




But we have not spoken for years, I concede


Except when I find myself in need.


He’s written a letter that I won’t read


As he might ask for change in ways not agreed.




When his friends get together, I choose not to go,


Since none who are there are people I know.


They sing and pray and put on a show


Worship and praise, I think I’ll forego.




I want to decide how I ought to live.


He might want to change me, ask me to give.


I claim I am his, but don’t check my motive,


For the things of this world are so very attractive.




It’s my right and my privilege to live as I choose


No rules, obligations or censors from pews.


My lover asks me to meet as he woos


But I turn him away, fearing taboos.