Computer got you down?

I've been using some sort of computer since the 1990s. I started with a Sharp that had a 48k bubble for memory. No one would ever need more than that, right? I actually produced my PhD dissertation on that, using back slash commands. Oh yes, and it had an 8 line screen! Thankfully, I've moved up as the opportunities present themselves and am now working with a Macbook Air. I love it. What I'm not loving today is the Internet. 

A young man spent some time in Khartoum in the late 1990s, and he tried to explain the Internet and how sites worked. He might as well have been speaking Chinese. It makes great sense now, but not back then. He asked me, "What question do you want to ask on the Internet?" I couldn't think of a thing. Now, I can't do without it. But today, it has been trying my patience.

I want to write my newsletter for the month. But when I open the app, I get a blank page. I've asked for help, but so far, they can't reproduce the problem, so can't solve it. I wrote a blog post last week, but is it here? No. Where did it go? I want to send someone some money to South Sudan. Western Union no longer does that. She suggested Moneygram. I've spent hours getting it to recognize me. Now we communicate, but I want to change the email. That seems impossible. It also won't let me send money to any of the banks listed, but only via mobile money. They don't really do mobile money in South Sudan. Besides, they think my contact's phone number is invalid. It isn't. When I first asked it, I could get the estimate of how much she would receive. Now that window doesn't respond at all. I think I'll take some Snoopy advice: Live for today, Learn from yesterday, Plan for tomorrow. Right now, take a nap!"