Here's looking at you

Yesterday, I had cataract surgery. Of course, I don't do anything the easy way. In 1995, I had RK done. That's where the doctor literally uses a very small knife to correct one's vision by cutting the outside of your eyeball. It didn't hurt, and I could instantly see. I've been contact-lense free ever since and never had another dream about running in a thick fog. Nowadays, the procedure is done with lasers and doesn't seem to cause the same problems. My doctor warned me there could be complications, but that if they arose, he would deal with it. When I went in for my checkup today, all I could see with my left eye was the big E. That was not the result the doctor had hoped for.

He had a look through his lense machine and then explained what had happened. Normally, they consider your vision requirements and add +1 to that. In a few hours, the eye normalizes and it comes out at 0, meaning you can see very well. Mine didn't do that. I'm at +2,75, nearly 3 points higher. So, what to do? In a couple of weeks, he will probably replace the implanted lense in that eye and make sure I can see before moving on to the right eye. In the meantime, I can't see anything clearly with my left eye, and my right eye gets tired doing double duty. So, if I'm looking at you, I can only see you with one eye. Hoping to see you with both eyes in the near future!