What do you know about Epiphany?

Today, I had lunch with some friends, and we stumbled onto the topic of Epiphany. Epiphany starts on January 6 as Three Kings day. However, the season of Epiphany in the church calendar goes from January 6 until Ash Wednesday, which in 2024 will be on February 14. 

So what is the point of Epiphany? It fits in between Christmas and Lent, and is the time to focus on what made Jesus so special. The visit of the wise men, his baptism by John the Baptizer, changing the water into wine at Cana. Throughout this season, we study those times that bring light about why Jesus is the Son of God. It makes perfect sense, if you think about it. A baby is born under unusual circumstances. Thirty-three years later he is crucified as.a criminal. After three days, he comes out of the grave and appears to lots of people, giving all who believe in him the hope of eternal life. In between these times, it is important to understand once again who this person is. No one has ever been like him, and no one will ever be. 

One family has an interesting twist to celebrating Christmas, and I think I may adopt it. Through Advent, the four weeks before Christmas, they put up a tree with lights, but no decorations. Then, on Christmas Day, they put decorations on the tree and celebrate Christmas until January 6. Beginning on the 6th, they celebrate Epiphany. I think that's a great sequence, and one that focuses more on Jesus than my current practice. Yes, maybe it's time to start a new tradition.