Into the Unknown

I'm from Chattanooga, Tennessee, but I grew up in a more rural setting. Segregation was "normal" in my early years and I doubt I met a person of color until I went to college. My first roommate was black, and we enjoyed the opportunity to get to know each other. My parents were horrified, as were hers. But we made it work for the entire semester. Now, imagine in my late 20s, I decide to put to one side all that was familiar and move to Africa. What's more, I stayed in Africa for 20 years, primarily living in the Sudan. 

The first book of my memoir series is Releasing the Known before Launching into the Unknown tells the story of my unexpected adventure. Using a letter writing format, I share my experiences with my family back home, and also now with my readers. I think you will enjoy this examination of the world outside my normal boundaries. Laugh and learn with me about how different and yet how similar life in another culture can be.

The manuscript is ready to go to a publisher, and soon be available for your enjoyment.