Authors like to write, not market

As with most authors I've talked with, our passion is writing. However, if no one knows what you've written, it defeats the purpose. So, for the last three years, I've been part of Women in Publishing (WIP). Alexa Bigwarfe is amazing. She has created so many resources for authors to learn how to market, publish, write and sell their books. I have learned SO much. I got started during the COVID pandemic as WIP put on a virtual summit. It was worth every penny. Afterwards, I joined their mentor program and again, picked up so many ideas. It also built my confidence and courage. 

The majority of attendees are women, but men are also welcome. At last I understand what is involved in Indie publishing, and there is a lot to know. Writing the book is the easy part! Did you know that Amazon offers something like 70,000 new books every month? How do you stand out in a crowded field like that? As a confirmed introvert, getting out there to tell the world how wonderful I am and that my book is the greatest thing ever is just not in my comfort zone. But if you don't...well, no one will ever discover how great your book really is. Mine is really great, by the way!