Thankful Thanksgiving

In writing my memoir, I find my life has been full of good things. There have been a lot of hard things, like working in 100+°F in a house with all the coolers running. But the work itself brought satisfaction, fulfillment, and joy. I was giving people something they really wanted -- to read and write their own language and thus preserve their unique language and culture. Their enthusiasm and commitment humbles me.

Now, as I've retired from that work, I get to write. I love to write, to find just the right way to bring my thoughts to life, to paint a picture for my readers. I come from a family of artists: painters, stained glass, sewing, crochet, knitting, tatting. Words are my art form. 

While life has not been easy, it has been good, and for that, I'm thankful. I have friends around the world who have added perspective and depth to my understanding of life. The differences between us have honed me as iron sharpens iron. From my Sudanese friends, I have learned patience, tenacity, and endurance. My British friends have taught me thrift, friendship, and the value of a cup of tea. Ben taught me how to interact with young people, and that is exciting for me. I love young people - so full of ideas, ideals, possibilities, and creativity. I know what they will run into in the future and hope to offer a few words to help them through the challenges that will inevitably come. My family has loved me through my mistakes, life choices, and times of celebration. We are all a bit crazy, but it's okay. We still love and care for each other. What more can we ask in this life?

So here's to Thanksgiving - a day to offer our thanks for all the good things, hard things, challenging things that we have survived and overcome.