As we watch the horror, chaos and trauma that is today's Afghanistan, our hearts go out to the many who want to leave but can't. We feel for those who have left, but are still in an in between (liminal) space, having left, but not yet having arrived. My book Praying for BIG Things has a whole section on praying for refugees, miggrants and others in stressful situations. Here is a prayer against discouragement.


LORD, we remember those who are suffering because they trust in you. They may feel like a piece of broken pottery, faded from memory as if they were dead. They have heard many insults. Terror is all around them. Their enemies scheme together against them and plot to kill them. LORD, may your people trust you. May they continue to know and say, “You are my God.”

Their lives are in your hands. Rescue them from their enemies and from those who are seeking them. Show your kindness to your servants. Save them because of your love. LORD, we call to you on their behalf, so do not let them be disgraced.

LORD, in your mercy, hear our prayer.

Based on Psalm 31:12-17