A task unfinished

Jan 24, 2022 by Leoma G Gilley, in INSIDE: Reflections

I have a task and there’s a deadline

Don’t know what the deadline is—

Just that there is one.


The task is huge, and there’s limited time.

The work is long and slow,

But I must finish.


So many interruptions, urgent and waiting:

Emails, courses, cleaning, repairs.

It all needs doing now.


I’m not getting younger; the task looms large.

Demands, pressures, rest, restore,

The deadline is still there.


Set priorities and share the load.

What tasks could others do, which ones

I alone can do?


Recognize my weakness, let go my foolish pride.

Move forward in God’s paths

And He will meet my needs.


In all my weak and stumbling efforts,

Worship, prayer and praise will find

God’s gracious healing of my mind.


With His priorities in place, and by His grace,

My task will be completed well,

And by the deadline – end.

©Leoma Gilley, January 2022