A New Series Is On The Way

I'm excited to announce that my previous book about Sudan, Every Day But Not Some, is growing into a series. At nearly 500 pages, it was bulky for a travel book, and the print was small (otherwise, it would have been bigger!). So, I've added some new material, re-edited it and think it is a much better product. The first book of the series will be called Into the Unknown. Small town, single American woman heads to Africa for the first time. Everything is new. Everything is Unknown. I'm hoping for a publication date in early 2023.

The plan is to add at least three more books to the series. The second book will be about my life in Khartoum, 1989-2004. I'm thinking about calling it Life in a Tumble Dryer. What do you think?

The third book will be my travel misadventures. I'm writing them up by country. Possible title: I can Be Lost Anywhere.

The possibly final book of the series will be about readjusting to life in the USA after spending most of my life abroad. Now sure what the title of that will be yet, but I have lots of stories.

I'm excited to write about all these memories, to share some of the amazing life I've been privileged to live.